11Feb13 - Game Completion and Chinese New Year

It is the second day of Chinese New Year here in Singapore ! Have a prosperous and meaningful new year ahead !

It is almost a year since our last post. Ah, we have been working on West Legends on 2 years and it is finally completed. Releasing it on 21 Feb 13, please support !

~ student8080 




26Feb12 - Sketches

Some sketches and concepts.....

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21Feb12 - Buttonless! 

 If you own an iPhone, iPod, or iPad and are interested in gaming, then this book will be your absolute best resource. Written by an established video game journalist and with contributions from leading gamers, the book presents some of the most interesting iPhone and iPad games, along with stories of the people behind these games. It describes hundreds of titles, including well-known games....

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19Feb12 - The Team!

Introducing the Team! 

Senzo -  Monk on a mission to collect sacred Sutra in the Western Regions.

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15Feb12 - Sandy

Extracted from Wikipedia:

Shā Wùjìng is one of the three disciples of Xuánzàng in the classic Chinese novel Journey to the West, although versions of his character predate the Ming novel. In the novels, his background is the least developed of the pilgrims and he contributes the least to their efforts. He is called Sand or Sandy and is known as a "water buffalo" for his seemingly less developed intelligence in many English versions of the story. His name is translated into Korean as Sa Oh Jung, into Japanese as Sha Gojō(sometimes Sha Gojyō, as  is spelt in kana as ji-yo-u, or Sagojou in Romaji), into Sino-Vietnamese as Sa Ngộ Tịnh.

He is also known as 沙僧 "Monk Sha", "Shā Sēng" in Mandarin Chinese, Sa Tăng in Sino-Vietnamese and Sua Jeng in Thai .

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